Worship Sermon Series


Communion as Worship

When Jesus instituted the Lord's Supper in that upper room the night before His arrest and crucifixion, He did four things that provide a framework for understanding how we should live as Christians. As followers of Jesus, do we reflect the communion meal to the world?

Work as Worship (part 2)

Last week, we looked at the theology of work. This week, Pastor Justin shows how it applies to us. We find that Martin Luther, the 16th century German reformer, had some valuable input on the matter of work. And Justin answers this question: what does it mean when we say that the milk maid is doing God's work?

Work as Worship (part 1)

Why do we work? Maybe the answer lies in looking at what God intended for His creation in the beginning, before the fall. God works and He has always expected us to work. But when you go to work, do you work for God? Hint: church workers aren't the only ones who work for God.

Service as Worship

Jesus taught the importance of service through His example. As followers of Jesus, we may be content just going to church on Sundays, but that's not what Jesus intended when He washed His disciple's feet. Why is service so important? And how is it that service is worship?

Fasting as Worship

Jesus fasted and He spoke as if He assumed that His followers would fast as well. Why? What's fasting all about? It might surprise you to learn that fasting is not just a spiritual discipline, it's an act of worship.

Giving as Worship

Why is generosity with God so important? Is it because when we're generous, we reflect God's generosity? Turns out, french fries work for a pretty good illustration of Biblical giving.

Prayer as Worship

As we transition from our Believe series into 1 John, Justin explores how John is uniquely qualified to help us understand how to Think, Act, and Be like Jesus.

Music as Worship

There are many things we worship, but only God is worthy of our worship. When He demands our worship, is He arrogant or loving? Why would God demand our worship to begin with? And does our dignity get in the way of true worship?