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Introduction to Acts

The book of Acts is volume 2 of Luke's account of the life and ministry of Jesus. It's a story of incredible adventure. Acts picks up at the end of His earthly ministry, and the beginning of His ministry from heaven. Acts could be called, the Acts of Jesus, through His Spirit, by His apostles, for His church.

Joseph and the Big 3

The story of Joseph includes an incredible example of forgiveness. Joseph was brutally mistreated by his brothers, but Joseph came to realize that God was using that situation for the good. Tune in to explore how forgiveness paves the way for reconciliation, and what must happen before reconciliation is possible.

The Life Giver

Have you ever considered how Abraham's story of faith is the model for the Christian's faith? Paul highlighted Abraham's faith as an example in his letter to the Church in Rome. Find out how that same faith is demonstrated in the church in our own time.

1 John 5:13-21

What is the purpose of a reminder? John wrote a letter to early Christians to remind them of the privilege that a relationship with Jesus grants. Tune in to this sermon to see what has been given to all who "know" Jesus.

1 John 5:6-12

As John continues to remind believers of the assurance of their salvation, he uses a court analogy to call 3 witnesses to the stand to testify to who Jesus is. Tune in to find out who those witnesses are.