The Story Ch. 16 The Beginning of the End (of the Kingdom of Israel)

In Chapter 16, the northern kingdom of Israel is taken into captivity, and the southern kingdom is threatened. Isaiah warns the people to turn back to God.  Where do you find your security?

The Story Ch. 15 God’s Messengers

The people of ancient Israel repeatedly rejected God and worshiped idols. God sent messengers called prophets, to warn the people to turn back. They never listened. Do we listen when he warns us to turn back?

The Story – Chapter 14
A Kingdom Torn in Two

Because of Solomon's disobedience, God divides Israel into two separate nations; Israel to the North, and Judah to the South.  We can learn something about making good decisions by NOT following the examples of the first kings of these two nations.

Christmas Eve Service

We take a short break from our series, The Story to focus on the reason for the season.  The savior came on the scene with barely a whisper.  His arrival was missed my most.  How do we avoid missing Christmas this year?  Watch here to find out.

The Story Ch. 1-13 Recap

The Story explains history as His Story. Chapters 1 - 13 take us from Creation through the reign of King Solomon. Watch here for a brief overview of the last 13 weeks.