Following and becoming like Jesus is best defined in our vision statement – Making more and Better Disciples.  Becoming like Jesus from the inside-out is more important than simply adding religious activities to our lives.

A crucial part of becoming more like Jesus is making more disciples.  Evangelism, properly understood is not simply about making converts, but is about making more disciples and working with and challenging them to obey everything that Jesus commanded (Mt 28:18-20).

The leaders at NBCC will continually strive to apprentice others in their ministry area to become servant leaders. Our goal is to grow our leadership base in every ministry area by creating a number of viable leaders to sustain our ministries as we change and grow.

Disciples are made and shaped in the context of deep and abiding relationship.  We seek to foster them by being warm and open on Sunday mornings, by meeting throughout the week in relationship centered small groups, and by actively caring for each other.

We will live within  the limits of our gifts, opportunities and resources.  We are committed to erring on the side of simplicity in our personal and corporate spirituality.  We believe at a basic level, less is more.

We believe that the Bible is the ultimate authority and the best wisdom for living.  Because of this, our Sunday Sermons, Children’s and Adult Education, and Small Group Ministry all come straight from the Biblical text.

Common Good
We will serve the city in Jesus’ name ,working as a force for the common good for those in the Kuna community. This value undergirds projects like our Giving Tree during Christmas and our School Supply Drive in August.

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