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Purpose – What is the Missions Ministry For?

Missions at NBCC, is to be a planned purposeful venture to support selected ministries that share our purpose of, “Making More and Better Disciples For Jesus.” Our philosophy is such that NBCC will be able to support a mission ministry so there is significant help as opposed to sending minimal support to several missions, and an opportunity to partner with a ministry as opposed to merely sending money. In this way we hope to make a difference in the World for Jesus. Following are some characteristics that will be followed in selecting those organizations or mission efforts that NBCC will choose to support:

Target – Who are we targeting with our Missions Ministry?

In following the commission of Acts 1:8, “….. You are to be my witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the world.” NBCC will have mission efforts in Kuna, locally, and abroad. Currently that includes efforts in helping Indian Creek and Ross Elementary schools, Boise Bible College, and the Guyana Kingdom Building Mission.

Values – What values undergird our Missions Philosophy?

NBCC supports “Boise Bible College” and “Guyana Kingdom Building Mission” from our general fund offerings for the purpose of either preparing people for sharing Jesus Christ or in sharing Jesus from their ministry base. NBCC supports Indian Creek and Ross Elementary schools through special donations in helping with providing practical and realistic help in meeting everyday needs such as school supplies and holiday support for those who need it. In doing this, NBCC will take opportunity to invite families to worship and to share Jesus when approached.

All members of all ages in the congregation have the ability to be supportive and give to help others in some way. Missions exists to, “Make More and Better Disciples For Jesus.” This can be accomplished both by sharing the gospel and by connecting real people with real needs help them to experience the love of Jesus. In doing this NBCC can make a real difference in our community, the Treasure Valley, and the World.

NBCC is striving for mutual partnership in the mission of Christ. We will partner with the above mission efforts, and will position gladly welcome them as partners into our efforts in the mission of sharing the gospel.

We will be a force for good in the Kuna community and beyond. We will actively bless the local and global community.


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Missions Director

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