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Purpose – What is our Youth Ministry For?

Our youth ministry exists to make more and better disciples of Kuna’s youth by influencing and guiding them toward in Christ through building deep and abiding relationships, inspiring them to be God-honoring, life-long followers of Jesus, and coaching them to discover and develop their unique God-given strengths for ministry in Jesus’ name.

Target – Who are we targeting with our Youth Ministry?

Our target for this ministry is 7th-12th Grade

Values – What Values Undergird Our Youth Ministry Philosophy

Family Involvement
Our Sunday morning programs are designed to utilize the family and the other 6 days of the week at home as the primary means for growth and change.

A Learning Environment that is Fun and Deep
The learning environment in our family ministry will be a blend that encourages learning in a way that is memorable and fun. We don’t want to just have fun, and we don’t want to just learn the deep truths of scripture. We want to do both!

Mentorship & Ministry Variety
The Family Ministry has a wide variety of areas to serve. We want to utilize this variety as an opportunity for people to participate where they are gifted by God. Regardless of where anyone serves, ministry will take place in a culture of mentorship and care.

Belonging Before Believing
In our family ministry, belong and believing are both very important. We want to create an environment where the children belong before they believe, and where they can belong so that eventually they will believe. We want to honor the fact that each child is uniquely and wonderfully made, and will desire to follow Jesus in baptism and communion at a different time/age. We want to work with their families to ensure that the children’s decision is sound and supported.


Darrin Dallis PicDarren and Dallis Fontenot

Youth Directors

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For Darren and Dallis Fontenot, this is their second time leading a youth ministry as a couple. After serving several years in another ministry, the Fontenots bring a wealth of experience, struggle and wisdom to bear on working with kids.