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Family Hour (2)

At New Beginnings, the people who are important to you are important to us too.  That’s why we provide a safe environment for your kids to learn about Jesus and how much he loves them.  As they learn the bible in a fun, age appropriate way, they will discover how God’s love for them gives meaning and value to their lives.



A Learning Environment that is Fun and Deep
The learning environment in our family ministry will be a blend that encourages learning in a way that is memorable and fun. We don’t want to only have fun, and we don’t want to only learn the deep truths of scripture. We want to do both!

Belonging Before Believing
In our family ministry, belong and believing are both very important. We want to create an environment where the children belong before they believe, and where they can belong so that eventually they will believe. We want to honor the fact that each child is uniquely and wonderfully made, and may desire to follow Jesus at a different age. We want to work with their families to ensure that the children’s decision is sound and supported.


Kid’s Church is from 9:30-10:30 every Sunday. We have classes for the following ages:
• Nursery
• 2’s -4’s
• Kindergarten-5th grade


Education Director Bruce PicBruce Wheeler

Education Director

208-283-9023 •

Bruce Wheeler currently oversees our education department, knowing that the most important thing he can do is teach people the wonder and beauty of God’s Word.  Bruce is the planting pastor at NBCC and one of our Elders.